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Prepare and Register Your Lasting Power of Attorney documents

 LPA Services is supported by a team of experts including Chartered Legal Executives, Tax Advisers, and Trust drafters. The team are overseen by full S.T.E.P. members (Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners)

Our Lasting Power of Attorney administration process

We have first hand personal experience with the mental, physical and emotional issues encountered with elderly parents.

LPA Services provides a complete ‘done-for-you’ service to take away the headache of going through the Court of Protection as a long and costly alternative.

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    What We Do

    We are passionate about helping families to put in place proactive strategies to support individual members who need help when it matters most. We take the information needed from you about your elected Attorneys (name, address, date of birth, email and telephone numbers); we prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney and registrations documents; send them to you with clear instructions on where you, Attorneys, and witnesses sign; you return the documents to us; we send your completed documents to the Office of the Public Guardian and Notified Person.

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    Property & Financial Affairs

    A few examples of the decisions an Attorney will be allowed to make on the Donor’s behalf and in their best interest are buying or selling of property; opening, closing and operating bank accounts; having access to the Donor’s financial information; claiming, receiving and using benefits and pensions on the Donor’s behalf; dealing with the Donor’s tax affairs; paying the mortgage, rent and household expenses; insuring, maintaining and repairing the property; investing the Donor’s savings; making limited gifts on the Donor’s behalf; paying for any private medical care in place or residential/nursing home fees.

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    Health & Welfare

    Attorneys act on the Donor’s behalf and in their best interest regarding personal welfare. This LPA can only be used when the Donor has lost mental capacity. A few examples of the decisions an Attorney is allowed to make are, where the Donor lives and who they should live with; the Donor’s day to day care; consenting or refusing medical examinations and treatment; arrangements for medical, optical and dental treatment; assessments for and provision of community care services; activities the Donor may take part in such as social or leisure activities, education or training; the Donor’s personal correspondence and papers; rights of access to personal information about the Donor; complaints about the Donor’s treatment if required.

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    Happy family and doctor able to work together with Lasting Power of Attorney documents in place


    A Lasting Power of Attorney becomes a legal document after it is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). It has been known for the OPG to reject any forms that are not signed in the correct place or in a specified sequential order. Our fees for the administration of your LPA includes the OPG’s registration fee (currently £110 per LPA) and we guarantee your papers to be in order before sending them for registration. Download our services and fees guide here

  • Since my wife went into care I have been very anxious about how I would cope now that I am on my own.

    Donald B, Dymchurch

    LPA Services helped Donald to nominate the right people to be Attorneys. He had very few close family members who he believed would make decisions with his best interests in mind when the time came to do so. We spent time with him assessing his options and and talking with his nominations.

  • Thank you for taking care of my, and my disabled son’s Lasting Power of Attorney documents

    Margaret M, Ashford

    Margaret makes a brilliant cup of coffee - the old fashioned way with hot milk! Following a delightful chat with Margaret (which included biscuits) LPA Services helped her and her son, who has Downs Syndrome, with advice and guidance about creating and registering Lasting Power of Attorneys for them both.

  • Thank you LPA Services for acting so promptly in getting my father’s documents prepared

    Neil, Maidstone

    Neil called us to say his father had taken a sudden turn for the worse and was being transferred to a care home and urgently needed a Property & Financial Affairs LPA to take care of the monetary issues related to his father's new circumstances.

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I believe every family should have the resources needed to help individual members who need support when it matters most.
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Ian Ludlow


As a Dementia Friends Champion, Ian is passionate about giving people the knowledge and opportunity that ensures they can deal with the effects of life’s unexpected events such as dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, physical disabilities, or any circumstances that require extra support and an adjustment to a normal way of life.

He has worked extensively in Europe with UK expatriates helping to improve their financial and social lifestyles to help keep their dream alive.

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